1) How old were you when you learned how to knit?
2) Who taught you?

    I learned to knit at school when I was seven. I can still remember the first work, which was a simple teddy bear in garter stitch. It was knitted flat, then sewed together and stuffed. It must have been some 6 inches tall. This project taught us casting on, binding off, and garter stitch. We didn't get to choose the color, but mine was a pleasing shade of blue.
    It must have been taught by my first grade teacher - however, I have no recollection of it whatsoever. I don't remember having difficulties learning, either.

    My mother used to knit sweaters for me and my younger sister. When I was nine I wanted to make a sweater for myself. Mom took me to a wool store, and I picked soft wool in a nice baby blue. Mother taught how to cast on for ribbing, knitting a two-by-two rib, and purling. My appetite was clearly bigger than my ability, for I knitted all of 4 inches of the back part, and my mother finished it. You could tell which part was mine and which hers! I was so proud of my "first sweater". I wore it a a lot, and kept pointing out I had knitted it...

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