I received my HHHH swap package. Or rather, I finally picked it up at the post office. Work has begun, and the post office closes early.
    The package was such a suprise, it was filled with not only one hank of yarn, but two - wait, three hanks of beautiful yarns! One prettier than the other, soft and evenly spun. And such cute names, too! The pale blue and brown is called "Chocolate Rain", the pink is "Marled Rose" and the darker one is "Fuchsia".


    My fave is definitely Chocolate Rain. It's a blend of superwash and regular wool, and some glitz and sparkle. Wow. I have been petting it, it is so soft! I could imagine using it for a loose knit hat, or a headband. Maybe Calorimetry?
The purple and pink yarns are spun dense, and will be perfect for bed socks. They are merino. Oh the luxury!
    The fibers are pure luxury as well: pleasing shades of greens and oranges in a Yarn Wench handdye, and pure natural Shetland wool in a perfect shade of grey. I have been spoiled rotten. Thank you so much, Elemmaciltur!