If I was to travel, yarnwise, where would I travel to? My favorite destination would be - no surprise here - New York. Having lived there for longer than I ever could imagine, I know what great resources it can offer.

    First off I would go to Habu, then head over to School Products, score big Upper East Side and Upper West Side, then travel back downtown, to East Village and Soho. Visit Seaport, pop over to Brooklyn, greet the girls in my old neighborhood, head off to Park Slope and finish my tour in Williamsburg. Money well spent!

http://www.anders.com/pictures/public/04-views/27%20-%20Brooklyn%20Bridge%20-%20New%20York%20City_sm.jpg Brooklyn Bridge - see other great views!

    On market days I would venture to Union Square and stack up on Morehouse Merino. I would not forget all the great notions (and yarn!) that one can find in the fashion district. Including beads and findings. Hey, and what about a visit to scenic Tarrytown, just a short train ride away? And not to forget Smiley's in Queens...

    Now, strictly speaking, for most people running around like this would probably not sound like a great vacation. It would have full program from morning till evening, including, but not restricted to, bookstores, classes, coffeeshops. But then again, knitters and wool addicts rarely are like normal people.
    Care to join me?

SP eli salainen ulkomaanystävä heitti visaisen pähkinän purtavaksi: minne menisit lomalle ja mitä lankoja ostaisit. No, eipä se loppujen lopuksi hankalaa ollut. Palaisin takaisin Nykkiin ja viettäsin tarkkaan aikataulutetun viikon (tai pari) nuuhkimassa kaikkia ihanuuksia. Kuka lähtee mukaan?